Dragon Age: Legacy

Adventures of DragonAge: Legacy
The Story Thus Far....

Storm 7:60
During the past four months the Chantry has been planning to retake Kirkwall from Qunari captors. On this night the plan was put into action to storm the captured city of Kirkwall and liberate it in the name of Orlais. The fleet consisted of 25 ships containing Circle Mages, Templars, Priests, members of the Orlesian Guard, Ironbark Rangers, Crimson Steel mercenaries, and Black Hand assassins. Together they landed at the wounded coast clearing out the initial Qunari resistance. While setting up camp they were met by a rough Dwarven fighter called Brynn the Berserker. He seemed to have been there for some time and knew the wounded coast very well and under his guidance he navigated a team of adventurers to find the lost caverns within the wounded coast. The team consisted of two Orlesian Guardsmen (Gaelynn Pentaghast & Abaddon), a Circle Mage (Mythyrym), a Black Hand assassin (The Red Hawk), and the Dwarven fighter (Brynn). Together they faced an ambush of Qunari patrols but ended up finding the lost caverns. With this discovery, Kirkwall could now be accessed from multiple openings and liberated. The party then reported in to Knight-Commander Leonus and handing Brynn, was shot with a poisoned arrow during the ambush, over to the care of the templars. With the caverns now accessible they devised a plan to overtake the city all at once. Each part of Kirkwall would be accessed at the same time by a group of warriors that would defeat any Qunari who challeneged them making their way to the leader of each section. Once the elader of each section fell (roughly the same time) then the march on the former viscounts palace would commence and the Arishok would be given a choice to surrender or be killed. The group of adventurers who found the caverns were assigned the hightown district of town. Once given their assignment that gathered their belongings moving onward. Once in hightown they were met by a huge resistance of Qunari who attempted to prevent the party from reaching the Arishok. After a brutal battle that ended with the oppossed Qunari deceased, the Arishok showed himself and challeneged Abaddon to an honorable duel between the two massive warriors. Abaddon refused declaring that the Arishok must face the entire party if he wishes to survive this encounter. The battle began between the Qunari leader and the party as they fought hard to end the reign of the Arishok. Battle wearied and injured the party was suprised to find reinforcements in the form of Archers, Mages and Templars who dealt injuring blows to the Arishok. The party themselves deal killing blows to him, removing his head as a testament to those who would oppose the rule of Orlais. Outnumbered and without a leader the Qunari honor guard were captured and the Champions of Kirkwall, as they became known, were granted the decision to either execute the Qunari or send them on a ship back home. After careful consideration the Champions decided that they were above the Qunari and would not lowers themselves granting them their lives. Then the Qunari were chained together and placed on a ship that set sail to the east. From here the Champions began to help rebuild the city of Kirkwall and restore order to the free marches once again.

Storm 7:61
A year has passed as the memories of the Champions of Kirkwall and their valiant effort against the Qunari seem to fade from peoples minds. The past year has been a hard one for Kirkwall as the Chantry governs with their Templar bodyguards and the Kirkwall Guard is founded, resistance seems to find its way here. The Black Hand and Crimson Steel have made their home using Lowtown and Darktown as a base of operations. From time to time these two groups conflict with each other but it always ends in bloodshed. Despite the rebuilding and the change of power, Kirkwall is thriving and is becoming vastly known as the city with the strongest Circle of Magi. Magi from all of Thedas come to learn from Horazon and Tal’Rasha. This reputation however seems to make the Chantry uneasy as they keep close watch over the Circle. Although there has been many problems in Kirkwall over the past year a dire situation came about that called on the Champions of Kirkwall once again. A female mage has been missing for days now and the circle has become worried. The Black Hand were hired, and the Kirkwall guard were asked to assist two circle mages in locating her. The Champions searched the wounded coast and tracked her whereabouts to a ancient Dwarven temple. It was here that they found undead that rose to prevent them from reaching further into the temple. After dispatching the dead once again, the party moved farther finding Dwarven relics of long ago that holds the key to discovering the history of this temple. It is here that they found the mage they have been seeking. Before they could react the demon within her had already taken control of a few of their party members forcing the Champions to fight themselves and the possessed mage. The battle almost took the life of Abaddon whom was frozen solid by Joshua but was saved due to the death strike to the possesed Mage. Hawke had delivered the killing blow that freed the party from the witches control and sent the demon back into the fade. Without memory of what had transpired Joshua and Myth quickly healed Abaddon restoring him to full strength. With no knowledge of how the mage became possessed or even what this temple was, the party returned back to Kirkwall to deliver the news. Once they returned to the city the party were greeted in Hightown by a grieving elven mother and Knight-Commander Leonus. After the party explained the events of the Dwarven temple, the mother fell into tears. Her sadness soon turned to anger when she asked the question of why the champions did not try to save her. The mother then swore revenge and destruction to the champions as she was forcibly removed from Hightown by the guard. The champions then followed Leonus into the barracks to give a full report on the adventure. While giving the report, they were interrupted by Tal’Rasha, first enchanter of the circle, who claimed that this was an injustice having a mage from the circle being questioned without proper representation. The party was then excused as Leonus and Tal’Rasha argued over authority. For some time things returned to normal for the champions as they fell back into their usual routine. This time of peace was soon interrupted when screams and scared people came running from the bowels of Darktown. Myth was healing the sick in Darktown when he encountered the came of the screams firsthand. Brynn and Hawke soon arrived in search of Hawkes wife who had gone to do some “midnight shopping”. The guardsmen Gaelynn and Abaddon were preparing to take their shift when the guardsmen from Darktown stumbled into the barracks with multiple injuries. He took his last breath with the word “Beast”. So Gaelynn and Abaddon were sent to Darktown to clear the area as after they enter would now be put under quarantine. Now the champions were together again to face the threat of Darktown but little did they know what they facing. As Myth cried for help from being attacked the rest of the party came to his aid to find that these enemies were not what they were expecting. As it seems, werewolves had made their way into Darktown and were slaughtering the people of Kirkwall. Myth had already been attacked as the party came to his aid. After battling fiercely making their way through Darktown, Brynn and Hawke found the leader of the pack with Hawkes wife lying unconscious and injured on the floor. The leader was the woman whose daughter was killed by the champions in the Dwarven temple. She claimed that only she knows the cure to the disease and that she would soon have her revenge on the champions. So the final battle began as the weakened champions fought on against the she-wolf and her kin. Abaddon with the rage of those whom have been killed by her swung his mighty hammers connecting hard into her skull and back. Every bone in her body was broken and piercing a major organ. She may be able to heal quickly but the blow she took from him was too much for her to handle. She lay there as a bloodied mess on the ground while the champions cleared the rest of Darktown and deemed it safe to reenter. Soon after giving their reports Abaddon was promoted to Guard Captain with Gaelynn being passed up for promotion. The investigation begins into the origin and cause of the lycanthropy that had plagued Kirkwall that night.

Storm 7:63
A couple of years have passed since the werewolf outbreak in which Abaddon, whom was recently promoted, put together a special task force to investigate the origins and weaknesses of these creatures. There had been several attacks of the past couple of years but none as severe as the outbreak in darktown. Gaelynn was promoted to second in command by Abaddon leading the special task force enlisting the help of his friend Dante. Over the past couple of years Brynn has been traveling the countryside while Hawke and his wife continued to train their skills while raising their child. Myth had continued to become more powerful with his magic gaining the attention of Horazon who has taught him how to craft potions. Then came the special assignment that the Champions of Kirkwall were assigned to: Protection of Talos, Captain of the Guard of Orlais. Abaddon and his party are charged with the escort of Talos from the gallows where he will arrive to the Viscounts Palace. With the aid of the Crimson Steel to fill in the guardsmen ranks, the escort should go well. That thought was pleasant but the reality was all too different. As the party entered Lowtown, the Crimson Steel had other plans as the leader of the security was none other than Ramos, the former Captain of the Guard of Kirkwall before Abaddon. He was once an old friend of Talos and was handpicked by him to be captain of the guard. When Ramos was arrested he was given a mercy sentence carrying it out in Orlais instead of Kirkwall. Once he carried out his sentence he joined the Crimson Steel returning to find a new captain in his place. With careful precision the Crimson Steel attacked the party from every direction forcing them to defend themselves. During the intensity of the battle, Hawke and Myth transformed into their Lycan forms showing that the attack from years before actually infected them. Gaelynn took heavy damage from saving Myth and Hawke from the mercenaries and fell to the ground bleeding out. As the last resort Myth proceeded to bite Gaelynn in order to transform his body and save his life. With half of the party as a Lycan they quickly tore apart the ranks of the Crimson Steel. In the process however Talos saw these beasts and ordered Abaddon to eliminate them with prejudice. Unwilling to betray his party he attacked Talos flank as he charged after Gaelynn. The person they were charged with protecting was laying dead in the blood bath of Lowtown. It was not soon after this that the gates reopened and a courier brought an urgent message to Abaddon requesting him and the Champions presence at the Circle as Bartuc the Bloody has taken the Circle hostage. Now the champions must face the leader of the Crimson Steel and put an end to their bloodshed. As the champions proceeded towards the circle, they were met by Knight-Commander Leonus who personally greeted Abaddon and explained the situation. Meanwhile Brynn went investigating on his own and Myth decided to begin healing the wounded. Leonus explained that the tower was compromised from the attack of Bartuc and the Rite of Conscription was now activated. Since Abaddon was captain of the guard it was his duty to carry out this order. He was to enter the circle and purge the tower of any mage, blood magic or not, and then finish Bartuc for good. By doing so there would be peace in Kirkwall and the Chantry could begin to rebuild the Circle. With his orders in hand Abaddon lead the champions of Kirkwall into the Circle, without Myth, and began searching for Bartuc. Conflicted with his orders Abaddon decided the best thing to do was to try and bring the whole tower down by knocking out the supports. While he was attempting this the rest of the champions continued onward looking for Bartuc. Soon they were met by waves of abominations and one by one were transported to the top of the tower where Tal’Rasha was awaiting them. Surrounded by orbs of magical energy the battle begin as the party began to attack the possessed mage. As they found out Tal’Rasha was actually possessed by multiple demons, something that has never happened before, and was stronger than any other abomination or mage they had faced. However they powered through nearly losing Abaddon int he process and killed Tal’Rasha. Abaddon was bleeding on the ground when Gaelynn turned him into a Werewolf to save his life just as his was once saved. As the tower began to collapse from the expanse of energy surrounding it the Champions fled the tower. Abaddon in his new form jumped into the water as the rest of the party leapt from the tower. Once everyone was safely on the ground Gaelynn was forced to shift back into his human form as he had been in his wereform too long. Hawke decided to shift back as well and Leonus ordered the templars to arrest the party. Hawke surrendered distracting the templar enough to allow Gaelynn to flee. Abaddon was missing as his body was not found in the tower, Gaelynn was at large, Hawke was imprisoned, Brynn was questioned and soon released and Myth disappeared in the chaos. Now the champions have been disbanded and publicly disgraced. What becomes of them now?

Storm 7:65
Two years had passed since the circle was destroyed and the campions of Kirkwall were disbanded and disgraced. The past years have been hard on the entire group as they had to adjust to new changes in their lives but the spirit of justice still thrived within their hearts. Abaddon returned to the city under investigation and living in Lowtown with his wife and eight children hatching a plan to turn most of the populous into werewolves and overthrow the Chantry. 7 months after his return he and his wife were arrested by the Templars and served jail time under the charges of Conspiracy and Treason. He was released 17 months later only to find out that his wife had been assassinated while in prison under the guard of the Templars. Gaelynn made his home in the Dalish camp outside of Kirkwalls mighty walls working on becoming resistant to the effects of silver while he asked for the Dalish help in locating his Mage son and bringing him to the Dalish camp. Brynn continued to serve drinks in the bar at the Hanged Mens Noose and guarding Hawkes wife from the gaze of the Templars. Hawke meanwhile spent 6 months in prison from being under investigation. He was released thanks to the efforts of his Brother whom had joined the new Circle of Magi in Kirkwall. Myth took refuge with the Dalish escaping the reach of the Templars who hunted him. However it only proved for a short time as he later assassinated while in the wilderness. As the two years passed the Champions of Kirkwall mourned the loss of their friends and loved ones as they came together building an army to challenge the might of the Chantry. With hundreds of thousands of werewolves ready for battle, the campions began their raid at the gallows eliminating the Circle of Magi that would come to aid of the Templars. Just before their raid into the Circle Gaelynn received news of his son being assassinated on his journey to the Dalish. Heartbroken and with vengeance in his heart he and the former Champions of Kirkwall began the raid to retake Kirkwall. As the party ventured into the newly rebuilt Circle they began slaying all who opposed them. Having been split apart from the battles Brynn and Abaddon reached the top of the tower and discovered not a mage but Bartuc the Bloody awaiting their arrival. It was then that they found the truth that the champions had been used for his own personal gain eliminating the former circle and allowing him to control the newly formed Circle of Kirkwall. The battle began between these heavy warriors and the fighting was fierce as blows are traded back and forth. Bartuc showed an ability that neither had seen before, he used his own wounds as power for his attacks hitting harder with each strike. At last Bartuc was felled by Abaddons claws but victory was short as Bartucs blade struck just as true into the heart of the mighty warrior. As Brynn dealt the final blow to Bartuc Horazon appeared in the nick of time capturing the soul of Bartuc within the armor that he once worn and reassembled it upon himself. his last effort was to bring the party to Abaddon to attempt to save his soul before it passed on. Myth’s brother joined the party right before they took on the Circle as he wanted revenge for his brother. He was also an adept healer and used his powers to save Abaddons life. A strange effect came to be though as Abaddon was cured of lycanthropy but instead gained the lust of blood that once plagued Bartuc. Now the curse of blood was carried on and the party began their descent into Kirkwall to deal the final blow to the Templars and the Chantry in Kirkwall.


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