Joshua Snow

Spirit Mage


Young merlin


The magi known as Joshua Snow is from a union of two relative unknown characters in the history. Abandoned by his mother and left with his father Charles Snow. It is suspected that his mother had some latent magical abilities because his father did not show any.
The discovery that he had abilities of a mage opened many doors for him. The Chantry accepted him into the Circle and he quickly achieved the rank of adept. His interest in healing and spirit magic greatly effected him in his studies. He was at first very reserved, due to the lack of affection he received from his father, but he did have a small but strong group of friends. Among the closest that he had was a fellow Mage known as Uri Soluna. Uri is an Elemental mage that was not as powerful as his friend Joshua but he did obtain the rank of adept. During his training he met and made a friend in the Templar Order names Horazon a friendship that has lasted for several years and continues even till this day.
Joshua did have several companions over the course of his teen and early twenty years. The most noted was the sister of Parthalan, J’tamie. When asked recently is he was ever in love, Joshua said yes, once but her brother made it difficult to have a relationship.
Joshua’s friendship with Horazon and Uri have given him great council but these friendships perhaps have caused him great heart troubles due to J’tamie’s brothers conflict with Horazon.
Joshua has secretly wanted to learn about his mother mainly to quench a thirst for knowledge but also to discover whether or not he had any siblings or not.

Joshua Snow

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