Thank you everyone for working on your backstories, I am only awaiting from a couple of people. Characters for the most part are ready for play. We should be ready to go by January 7th. Thanks again guys for the hard work!!!

The game is going to start in 7:60 Storm when the Orlesians liberated Kirkwall from the Quanari occupiers. You will be part of the group that gave Kirkwall their freedom. There will be 5 groups involved in this quest: Crimson Steel (Warrior, Mercenaries), Orlesian Guard, Ironbark Rangers (Rogue, Archers), Magi, and Black Hand (Rogue, Thieves). Your backstory must involve one of these five groups explaining how you became a member and why you are on this quest. For the backstory remember to be specific and detailed as possible. Use family or friends to help flesh out the character more. If you need some help on history or what was happening in Dragon Age during before this time you can send me a message and I will try to help as much as possible. Do remember that the backstory is your responsibility to your character. This is a Legacy game which means that it will leap ahead at certain times and the better backstory you have the better we can really involve your character with the story. Have fun, enjoy and remember if you have any questions send me a message.


12/03/2011 – Added Value (Cost) to Runes, Potions and Grenades; Items shown are available at character creation
11/26/2011 – Added Value (Cost) & “Tags” to Items for easier searching
11/19/2011 – Added Potions: Elfroot Potion, Elixer of Heroism, Mighty Offense Potion, Restoration Potion & Rock Armor Potion
Added New Maps
11/18/2011 – Removed Templar and Added Ironbark Ranger for selectable faction for backstory
Added Races with clickable links for background.
Added Grenades: Tar Bomb, Fell Grenade, and Mythal’s Favor
Added Poisons: Arcane Poison, Crow Venom, Deathroot Toxin, Fell Poison
11/5/2011 – Added Rune’s
11/4/2011 – Added NEW Amulets: Urzara’s Tooth, The True Authors Token, The Lost Memory, The Fog Warriors Gift, Pendant of the Elementalist, Poisonwood Locket, Dreamcatcher, Moonstone
10/30/2011 – Added NEW Rings: Ring of Resistance, Ring of No Wishes, Ring of the Elementalist, Ring of the Ferryman, Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox, Ring of the Magister & Demonic Ring
10/29/2011 – Added NEW Cloth Armor Items: Battlemage Armaments, Robes of Unblemished Cleanliness, Vestments of the Mystic
Added NEW Leather Armor Items: Chestguard of the Scoundrel & The Black Fox’s Jerkin
Added NEW Metal Armor Item: Knight-Templar Regalia, The Forgotten King’s Armor
10/28/2011 – Added Backstory for Legacy
10/23/2011 – Added NEW Items: Double-Bearded Great Axe, Limbtaker, Cold-Blooded, Fadeshear & The Runners Retort
10/22/2011 – Added Weapon Sets for Warrior, Rogue and Mage
10/21/2011 – Added Kirkwall Map, Armor/Shield
10/14/2011 – Added Basic Warrior, Rogue and Mage Classes

Dragon Age: Legacy

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